Donna was incredibly helpful throughout the entire process. From the beginning where she clearly outlined the market dynamics through to every last detail of the closing, Donna was totally in control and thoughtful in her approach. She was consultative on the upgrades we made to the house to get it on the market, making sure we didn't overspend in prepping the house. She was clear in her pricing suggestions, often updating us on the market trends and justifying her recommendations. She truly served as a trusted advisor-- we knew that we could count on Donna to make decisions that would lead to the best outcome. Donna is a machine, seemingly working around the clock to sell our house. I highly recommend her as an agent! -Berit


Thank you for taking such good care of Alexcia and I. When we move on to income property, you are our lady. Thank you for the pizza and generous gifts. Remember, Hot Sub and wine when Alexcia is back home for good.  Your new gal pals, “Alexcia & Maria”


Your thoughtfulness means so much more than words can ever say. Thank you for all your help and being a good friend. “Alex, Charles, Denise  & Leroy Fletcher”


Donna, Thank you so much for all your hard work. You truly went above and beyond the call of duty. Thanks to you, the dream of having a house for our family is coming true!!  We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts. “Love Nick, Nikki, Leo & Jax”


Dear Donna, I can’t thank you enough for all of your time and effort spent in helping me find an apartment in my new city. As you’ve heard from Sherree & my uncle, I found a place! I would not have even looked in the building I purchased a unit in if you hadn’t shown me first. Thank you so much, it was truly a pleasure to work with you. “Lauren Alvarez”


Donna, Thank you for EVERYTHING! “Charlene Leitner”


Dear Donna, What can I say to someone who's done so much for me, who means so much to me, who holds such an important place in my heart?  All I can think of is thank you, thank you, and thank you again.  Love "Maria and Family"


Donna,  We never would have imagined experiencing such generosity, thoughtfulness and care as we purchased our first home.  You treated us like family and we could not be more thankful. It 's the reason we are already so happy! Thank you for all you have done for us, the delicious bread we enjoyed the first few mornings at the new place, and the unbelievably generous gift card that will have us even more settled at home in no time. You're the BEST!  Many Blessings to you and your family.  "Jay & Leslie"  


Donna,  Thank you again for EVERYTHING in the past year! Couldn't have done it without you. "Love Rick & Beth"


Donna is a seasoned professional.  Knowledgeable and experienced, she will guide you through your buying/selling experience with ease.  Always reachable, always courteous.. best in the business!  -- Jeff S.


If you are considering any real estate broker other than Donna or someone Donna has vetted for you, stop and consider the mistake you will be making. Donna exemplifies all the qualities you will ever need for listing or buying a home where the first and foremost quality being she is really good person.  Period.  End of story.  She has compassion and understanding at a personal level that goes well beyond what you will want or need on either side of a real state transaction.  Her guidance is off the charts and she engages you and those close to you as team players.  You never will feel an ulterior motive or question the integrity of her counsel.  I was fortunate enough to benefit from Donna's professionalism and friendship at a time when I needed such guidance and expertise the most.  I will always be grateful to her for the success she brought to my home selling experience.  -- Bob V.


Donna helped us buy our first home and she helped make sure the entire experience was amazing! I woke up one morning, checked my emails and saw a listing that I was very interested in.  I let Donna know, within 30 minutes she had us set up with a walk-through that same day.  She was extremely responsive and also very imformative.  She explained all the little details that goes into buying and did an excellent job of communicating with all parties involved.  On top of all that she was extremely thorough.  She assisted us with the walk-through, gave us tips on what to look for during the inspection and made sure we were comfortable when we sat down at the closing table. Overall I am so thankful for Donna and all the work she put in to help us find the home of our dreams.  When it comes time to move on, she will definitely be the first person I call. -- Leanne T